FLYEfit Circuits is a timed based Circuit Training Class using Resistance, Weights and HIIT.  Work your way through a series of challenges designed to push your body to it’s limit and beyond.  FLYEfit Circuits will test all your elements of strength and endurance with increasingly difficult tasks over a 30 minute period.


Ditch the workout, join the party!  Dancefit is the hottest new fitness class that will feel more like a party than a workout. Fabulous mix of dance styles that will improve endurance, fat-loss and tone your body. Get your groove on and book your place today.

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Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?  Work your way through a series of challenges such as AMRAP’s (As Many Rounds as Possible), RFT’s (Rounds For Time) & EMOM’s (Every Minute on the Minute).

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Pump is one of the best ways to get in shape and tone up as it challenges all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl.  A fun class with great benefits and also a great introduction to weight training.


A classic is back – Step. This choreographed session will let you ‘step up a sweat’.  You’ll burn calories and shape your body with lots of jam-packed fun and enjoyable dance moves. Come along to step up and down to some of your favourite tunes.


Set in a climate of 30° participate in this highly motivational class. Using a combination of our Concept and Assault fitness equipment you can track calories and training data using Polar optical heart rate monitors in a fun and challenging environment


Pilates conditions your entire body – even your feet!  It is a full body and mind workout that focuses on muscle balance, posture alignment, flexibility and core strength. No muscle group is overlooked or overused which will allow you to enjoy daily activities and sports with better performance and less chance of injury.


Kettlebells is all bells, no whistle.  A hardcore workout, that focuses on technique, safety and quality of movement. This class will work every major muscle, build power and shred body fat, FLYEfit Style.


Not just an indoor cycling class but an indoor cycling experience. Let the energy and music move you. Taking you on a journey through tough climbs and fast sprints. The ultimate calorie burning class that will have you racing to the finish line.


Are you ready to become a lighter brighter better and more energetic you? Yoga is a mind, body and soul experience. You will be guided through a sequence of physical postures promoting flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength. Book in today with our fully qualified instructors.

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The (15 minute) belly blasting workout.  Strength begins at the core and in this short class your instructor will guide you through a series of planks, twists, crunches and leg raises all designed to strengthen your core.  A great addition to any workout.

An interval based class focusing on cardio and strength, elevating the heart rate while also working on muscular endurance. The best of both worlds

Turn your workout upside down and change your body without lifting a single weight!  TRX makes a simple use of a strap with handles and body weight exercises (and the laws of physics) to create hundreds of movements that will develop lean and powerful muscles throughout the entire body.


Boxercise is a great stress buster! Based on the concept’s boxers use to stay fighting fit, classes will include shadow boxing, padwork, footwork and plyometric drills. Boxercise is not only fun, it is addictive too!


The newest addition to our class timetable. KO8 is an updated/modern version of the TRX as it offers both resistance and suspension.  It’s a game changer.  KO8 is for everyone, whether you are training for weight loss, toning or endurance.  Book in today to see what all the talk is about.


Smile, sweat and bounce your way into a fitter healthier version of you !!! Have fun, get fit, loose inches and burn up to 800 calories on a mini trampoline. Don’t wish for the body you want! Bounce for it!


Strength & Mobility will teach you to Squat, Dead lift & Press with perfect form & technique. We are keeping the class size small (12) so our expert trainers can be more attentive to each individual & movement pattern. Advanced mobility drills will be taught throughout the class to help you execute the exercise & stay injury free.


Does this class really need a description? We will strengthen and tone those all important areas! Come transform your body and help get your greatest ‘assets’ feeling great! We will use a variety of equipment including barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.  All levels welcome.


Are you ready to combine great music, dance movements and totally body muscle conditioning to your class workouts? Strong Zumba is a demanding class that combines plyometric movements through bodyweight exercises. Get STRONG with Strong Zumba!


METCON is short for Metabolic Conditioning. These workouts are designed to increase metabolic demand and energy usage in short sets of higher intensity outputs. The goal of a METCON is to achieve a high effort output with as little rest as possible. Combine aerobic and anaerobic work to burn a huge amount of calories.


Mobility Flow combines the latest trigger point release techniques with yoga flow, advanced flexibility training & C.A.Rs (controlled articular rotations). Improve your performance & your posture while preventing injuries. Move with ease.