Heated Polar

  • Set in a Heated Chamber of 30 degrees heat
  • Multiple pieces of cardio equipment including rowing, assault bikes, Ski Erg & Bike Erg
  • Polar heart rate tracking on HD display

What to expect from a Heated Polar Class?

Heated Polar

Heated Polar is a high intensity class that is set in a heated chamber with a climate of 30°. You are given a Polar Heart rate monitor at the start of the class which is displayed on the screen in front of you to help you work harder and compete with friends.

The class uses a combination of our Concept Bike, Row & Ski Ergs and Assault fitness bikes which will definitely get you sweating! A great class for increasing endurance and fitness!

Please note we allow 15 minutes for admin (Class Duration is 45 minutes )

  • Intermediate and Advanced Fitness levels
  • Please bring a sweat towel and water
  • Arrive early for the class for Polar set-up
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