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    Graham joined FLYEfit in 2013 as a Personal Trainer in FLYEfit Macken Street. During his time at Macken Street, he was promoted to Gym Manager. He also was a teacher at various workshops for new Personal Trainers.

    Graham now acts as the Head of Fitness. Some of Graham’s responsibilities would be designing new gym layouts, equipment purchasing and quality control. Creator of the FLYEfit Games

    2013 – FLYEfit Personal Trainer

    2014 – FLYEfit Supervisor

    2015 – FLYEfit Manager

    2017 – FLYEfit Head of Fitness

    Roberto Viscardi

    Roberto started in 2012 as a Personal Trainer in FLYEfit Ranelagh. Working in FLYEfit’s first ever gym, Roberto has experienced the growth of FLYEfit. 

    Roberto is the Head of Recruitment in FLYEfit. One of his primary responsibilities are hiring the best trainers, managing performance of staff and day to day management.

    2012 – FLYEfit Personal Trainer

    2016 – FLYEfit Ranelagh Manager

    2018 – FLYEfit Head of Recruitment

    Aoife MacIntyre

    Aoife is a former nurse who decided to change her career in 2015 by combining her Diploma in Classical Pilates and her Diploma in Health & Fitness studies.

    Aoife is now Head Trainer at FLYEfit where she focuses on advancing and improving FLYEfit classes, continuing to educate all of the FLYEfit Personal Trainers as well as participating in FLYEPLUS classes every now and then! 

    2015 – FLYEfit Personal Trainer

    2017 – FLYEfit Drumcondra Manager

    2019 – FLYEfit Head Trainer

    Aoife Galione 

    Aoife started in 2020 as Duty Manager in FLYEfit Jervis Street with several years experience as a Personal Trainer in other gyms around Dublin. Since joining FLYEfit, Aoife has built up an impressive client base in Dublin City Centre and also features in many FLYEPLUS videos.

    When Aoife started in FLYEfit, she completed several workshops to help her build her client base and coach Members to the highest ability.

    2020 – FLYEfit Duty Manager

    2021 – FLYEfit Assistant Manager

    2022 – FLYEfit Manager


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