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  • What are FLYEfit’s Opening Hours?

    FLYEfit Gyms are open 364 days a year (closed on Christmas Day). Opening times are between 05.30am and 10.00pm Monday to Friday and 07.30am to 7.30pm Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holidays.

    FLYEfit Sallynoggin Gym has different opening times at 06.00am and 10.00pm Monday to Friday and 07.30am to 7.30pm Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holidays

  • What are FLYEfit’s Safety Procedures?

    Member safety remains our top priority and we continue to provide our Members with a safe, friendly and professional environment in which to continue their fitness journey.

    • We continue to request that Members wipe down equipment before and after use.  
    • Sanitisation stations are available throughout all FLYEfit Gyms and regular and effective cleaning takes place throughout the day.  
    • Our access gates are non-contact (you must bring your Access Card).  
  • What do I need to bring with me to the gym?

    Please bring your Access card with you when you come to the gym. You could be refused entry without your card.

    Please bring a towel for all training sessions.
  • Is Personal Training Available?

    Personal training is available in all our gyms. All staff have completed Safety training and will  make sure you are as safe as possible while training. You can find all our personal trainers for each gym on our ‘Gyms’ page.

    A list of personal trainers can be found here also https://www.flyefit.ie/personal-trainers/

  • Are Classes Available?

    Yes, gym classes are available.
    As numbers are limited, failure to attend a booked Class can result in booking restrictions being placed on your Member account. This is to be fair to all Members. Please make sure you cancel your booking if you are no longer going to make it. Cancellations must occur 30 minutes in advance of your Class start time to avoid future booking restrictions.

    Online Classes are also available on FLYEPLUS which comes free with a FLYEfit Membership. You can find hundreds of online classes that you can do at home or in the gym, just log into your MYFLYE.

  • Are Locker Rooms, Toilets and Shower Facilities Open?

    Yes indeed, all FLYEfit locations have shower facilities, changing rooms and lockers available. You will need a small padlock for the lockers and, if you do not already have one, these can be purchased via the vending machine in the Gym.
  • Will FLYEfit Clean and Sanitise the Gym?

    We take our cleaning and sanitisation very seriously at FLYEfit. We have contracted a team of specialised professional cleaners to make sure all gyms are regularly cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected to the highest standards. This includes all equipment, surfaces, and touch points.

  • Will I be shown how to use the Gym Equipment?

    Our one-to-one Gym Intro service is back! Book your intro today through the classes tab! You will also be able to view information on how to use the Gym Equipment correctly using the handy Instructional Videos under the Virtual Intro tab on your Membership Account (MYFLYE).
    Our Team are always happy to answer questions on the Gym floor also.


  • Is there a minimum number for a class to go ahead?

    Yes, there is a minimum number of three for a class to go ahead in FLYEfit. If you are unable to make a class, please cancel beforehand to be fair to other Members.

  • Are classes free?

    Yes, all classes are free with any FLYEfit Membership. Members can book classes through their MYFLYE account and classes can be booked 24 hours in advance. All class descriptions can be found in the ‘Classes’ section of our website however if you wish to view our gym timetables please click on the gym you wish to view here, select your gym and scroll down to timetable.

  • Is there free parking?

    Unfortunately we do not operate any Car Parks at our other Gym locations but there is some Parking options available at specific locations.

    Baggot Street: There is on street parking, please check street signs for rates.

    Blanchardstown – The operator of the Car Park to the front of the Gym allows Free Parking for FLYEfit Members.

    CHQ– There is on-street Pay and Display parking on North Wall Quay and adjoining roads as well as public car parks nearby such as, EPIC IFSC Car Park behind Hilton Garden Hotel, Connolly Station Car-Park, and Grand Canal Square Q Park.

    CORK – There is on street parking on Oliver Plunkett Street, please check street signs for rates. There is also a Multi-story Car Park located within a 5 minute walk from FLYEfit Oliver Plunkett Street.

    Drumcondra– There is no on-site car-parking available, but on-street parking is available nearby.  Please check street signs for Parking rates.

    Dundrum– No car-parking available, but on-street parking is available nearby.  Please check street signs for rates.  There are also numerous Pay and Display car parks in the surrounding area.

    Georges St– No car-parking available on site, but on-street parking is available in the area and Drury Street car-park is situated nearby.

    Jervis Street – Jervis shopping centre offers parking during the Car Park’s opening hours (Mon to Wed 7am – 9pm, Thurs & Fri 7am – 12am, Sat 7.30am – 12am, Sunday & Bank Holidays 09.30am – 8pm).  Fees and Terms apply and all prices and info is available on their website.

    Liffey Valley– The operator of the Car Park offers 3 hours free parking to FLYEfit Members.  You will need to collect a Ticket as you enter the Car Park and use the same Ticket to exit. The operator of the Car Park charges €8.00 for Lost Tickets or parking over 3 hours.

    Macken Street – There is on street parking, please check street signs for rates.

    Northside: There is free parking at this Gym location as it is located at Northside Shopping Centre.

    Portobello- No car-parking available, but on-street parking is available nearby.  Please check street signs for Parking rates.

    Ranelagh – You can “Park by Text” in the car park operated by SuperValu, although the car park has limited spaces.  There is a special rate for FLYEfit Members of only €1.oo for 2 hours (normal rate €2.70 p/h).

    You must text the correct code TEMP 0756 CAR-REG TO 57199 (e.g. –  TEMP 0756 02WW12345 TO 57199

    Payment will be deducted from your phone bill.

    Sallynoggin – Limited Car Parking available onsite.

    Stillorgan – The Stillorgan Plaza operate a Pay & Display Car Park but offer 1 hour Free Parking to FLYEfit Members. Just take a ticket as you enter the Car Park, validate the Ticket inside the Gym (ticket validator beside Vending Machines) and bring the validated Ticket to the payment machine in the Car Park.

    Swords: Members can avail of 2-hours free parking in basement carpark. PIN number required to exit and this is available in the Gym.

    Tallaght– The operator of the underground Car Park at Aldi offers 2 hours free parking to FLYEfit Members.  The Car Park is located directly across from the Gym.  Take a ticket as you enter, park on the middle level and validate the ticket before leaving the gym.

  • Do you have bike racks in your gyms?

    Yes, there is a Bike Rack in or near all FLYEfit Gyms.  Please note however that FLYEfit do not accept any responsibility for bikes left on or near their premises.

    Please ensure your Bike is always securely locked.

  • Does FLYEfit have a sauna, stream room, spa or pool?

    No, FLYEfit gyms do not offer these facilities.

  • Can I leave my belongings in the lockers overnight?

    No, members are asked to only use the lockers for the duration of their training session. Lockers will be emptied and cleaned at night. If a locker is locked overnight, padlocks will be broken and FLYEfit do not accept responsibility for the replacement of padlocks.

    FLYEfit also do not accept any responsibility for items left on the premises.

General Membership

  • What is included with a FLYEfit Membership?

    A FLYEfit Membership gives you access to our gyms which have all the latest, high quality equipment from high performance equipment to cardio machines and everything in between.

    We are advising members to come ready to train but showers are open. Locker rooms are available for storage.

    We now have over 1,000 free Instructor Led Workouts per week which are all included with a FLYEfit Membership across all 17 gyms. All Members also have access to FLYEPLUS which has hundreds of online workout videos which you can do at home or in the gym. Simply log in to your MYFLYE to access the videos.

    Personal Training is available at all FLYEfit Gyms and is outsourced to Independent Personal Trainers who operate on a self-employed basis. Their contact details and qualifications can be found on the Personal Training section on the website (you can search by Gym Location) or on the notice board in the Gym. They offer one to one Personal Training to FLYEfit members only and each trainer has their own Individual Price List, so it is best to select your preferred Trainer off the website and contact them directly for their fees and availability etc.

  • What is the minimum age to join FLYEfit?

    You must be 16 years of age to become a Member of FLYEfit. If you are between 16 and 18 years, Parental Consent is required, and this is handled during the online Membership Application process.

  • What do you mean by ‘no contract’?

    It means you are in control of your own Membership via your online Membership Account (MYFLYE).

    You can cancel your Membership at any time.  Fees are non-refundable but you retain Gym Access up until what would have been your next payment date.

  • What does ‘self service membership’ mean?

    It means you are in control of your FLYEfit Membership.

    You can manage everything from editing your personal details or payment details, pausing or cancelling your membership, viewing billing history to upgrading your membership to roaming through your Member log in (MYFLYE).

    Any action to make changes to your account must be performed by you.

  • What is the best Membership Option?

    It’s really what is best suited to your needs. Our most popular option is our Roaming Membership at €32 per month as this gives you access to all FLYEfit gyms which gives you a lot of flexibility to go to the gym from wherever you are.

    There are monthly and annual payment options, and you can join one gym or all gyms. There is a joining fee of €25 for monthly & annual Membership options.

    [JOIN NOW]

    We also offer a selection of Pay As You Go Memberships which may suit your needs. A Day Pass is €12, a Two-Day Pass is €20.00 and a Three-Day Pass is €27.00. These multi-Day Memberships must be used on consecutive dates and the preferred option can be purchased on our website using the Join Today option, just select your preferred FLYEfit location then your preferred Membership package and Start Date.
  • How do I pause my FLYEfit Membership?

    To pause your Monthly Membership, just log in to your MYFLYE, select the ‘My Account’ button and then the ‘Pause Membership’ option.

    You can Pause your Monthly Membership for €5 per month. Pausing is immediate and you lose Gym Access immediately. You will be billed €5.00 on the Pause Date and on that same date each Month until you resume the Membership. Any remaining Membership Days due from your last Membership Fee payment will be carried forward to when you resume the Membership.

  • How do I re-start a paused FLYEfit Membership?

    To restart your Membership just log into your MYFLYE, select ‘My Account’ and then the ‘Resume Membership’ option.

    Annual Members – option available to pause via your Manage Membership section of MYFLYE.

  • Is the Pause Fee increasing?

    No, there will be no change to the Pause or Transfer process.

  • Is the Transfer Fee increasing?

    No, there will be no change to the Pause or Transfer process.

  • How do I transfer my Membership to another FLYEfit Gym?

    To transfer your FLYEfit Membership to another gym, simply log in to your MYFLYE, select the ‘My Account’ button and then click on the ‘Transfer Membership’ option.  you will be able to select your preferred Gym from the drop-down list of Gym locations.  After selecting your preferred Gym location, click ‘Transfer Gym’. It’s that easy!

    We allow 2 Free Transfers on a rolling 12 Month basis.  A Third and subsequent Transfers incur a fee of €5 per transfer.

  • How do I cancel my FLYEfit Membership?

    We never like to see our Members leave, but we understand that these things happen.

    Members can cancel their FLYEfit Membership through their MYFLYE account. Just click on the ‘My Account’ button and then ‘Cancel Membership’.

    There are important messages for the Member during the Cancellation process which you will need to be aware of, so it is best that the Member cancels their own Membership.  Please note, your membership is not cancelled until you have followed all the steps, including the comments section, and have received a confirmation email.

    Please allow 72 hours before your payment due date.  The good news is that, when you cancel your Membership, you still retain Gym Access up until what would have been your next renewal date.

    If you decide to re-join FLYEfit, you will have to pay the €25 reg fee so we always recommend if you are on the fence, to pause your Membership.

  • Can I join FLYEfit for a month?

    We don’t offer a month Membership, but we do offer a monthly membership with no contract. As all FLYEfit Memberships are self-service, you could join and then cancel or pause after a month. Please cancel your Membership 72 hours before your payment is due to make sure you are not charged.

  • Can I defer my start date?

    Yes, you can defer your start date up to three months from the day you buy your FLYEfit Membership. If you defer your Membership, your start date and direct debit date must be the same. When you purchase your Membership, the payment of the join fee and membership fee is paid immediately but your membership will not start until the date you have selected as your membership start date.

  • Can I use all FLYEfit Gyms?

    You can access all gyms with a Roaming Membership. You can upgrade your Membership at any time through your MYFLYE account.

  • Will I get a FLYEfit Membership Card?

    You will not receive a FLYEfit Membership card but during the joining process you will be asked to nominate an existing card as your FLYEfit Access card, this must have a magnetic strip and at least 10 digits on the back. This can be a bank card, loyalty card or gift card.

    This card does not have to be the same card you use for payment. Please look at this handy video which shows how our access card system works.

    Click here to view our demonstration video 

  • Can I share my FLYEfit Access card with a friend?

    No, it is important that you don’t. To protect our members’ interests and safety, entrances to our gyms are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Any members found passing their Gym Access Cards to non-Members will have their membership cancelled.

  • How do I access the gym?

    You will need to swipe your Gym Access Card at the entrance of all gyms. You must always have your gym access card with you.

  • Do you offer Corporate Gym Memberships?

    We offer discounts for Corporate Memberships for 15+ members. We can also design a customised package for businesses with a range of different talks and classes from meditation, nutrition to general health.

    Email [email protected] for more details.

  • What do I do in case of an emergency?

    There will be a staff member on site, they may not be visible at all times, if this is the case please hit the emergency button located on ALL Gym Floors and a staff member will be with you ASAP.

  • Can I trial the Gym before joining?

    Yes indeed, we offer a selection of Day Memberships which may suit your needs. A Day Pass is €12, a Two-Day Pass is €20.00 and a Three-Day Pass is €27.00. These multi-Day Memberships must be used on consecutive dates and the preferred option can be purchased on our website using the Join Today option, just select your preferred FLYEfit location then your preferred Membership package and Start Date.


  • What happens if my monthly payment bounces?

    We will send you an email containing a Payment Link which you can use to make the outstanding payment.

    Your Bank may levy an additional fee for handling a failed payment and, unfortunately, we must pass this on to the Member.  Using the Payment Link, you will have the option to pay your outstanding Monthly Fee plus any additional Bank charges (please note the additional fee, if applied, is not a penalty for your missed payment, the added charge is a fee levied by your Bank).

    You log into your MYFLYE account and use the Payment Link to complete the outstanding payment by Credit or Debit Card.  As the payment has not been received on the due date, it will be backdated to the due date as this date is linked to your Membership Start Date.  If you choose not to pay the outstanding amount, your membership will be automatically cancelled.

    Please note however, when a membership has been cancelled or allowed lapse, the €25.00 Joining Fee is automatically applied during the re-join process.  This is because the fee is related to the membership as opposed to the individual.

  • When will I be billed?

    After the initial payment, you will then make no further payment until the Month following your Membership Start Date.

    If you are paying your recurring Monthly Membership Fees via Bank Direct Debit, FLYEfit will apply for your payment one Month after you setup the Direct Debit, however it will take a further 4 – 6 days to be deducted from your Bank for the 1st payment and 3 days for any subsequent payments.

  • Can I pay monthly with Bank Account Details?

    When setting up your Membership, you will be asked to pay the initial Join Fee and Membership Fee by either Credit or Debit Card.  The card you nominate for payment will automatically be selected as your “Default” method of payment for any recurring payments.

    You can change this Card in your online Membership Account (MYFLYE) at any stage in the Payment Method tab.  Alternatively, if, following the initial payment, you wish to pay your recurring Monthly payments by Direct Debit, you can add Direct Debit details on the Payment Method tab in MYFLYE.  Just mark the Bank Details as your “Default” Payment Method.  You must have one Default Payment Method listed at all times, but you can amend these details at any time.

  • My details have changed, how do I update them?

    You can change anything from your personal, billing or membership details through your MYFLYE account. A FLYEfit Membership is self-service. If you are updating any billing details, please do this at least 72 hours before your payment is due to give time for it to be processed.

  • I have bought an Annual Membership but want to cancel. Can I get a refund?

    Yes, if you have bought an Annual FLYEfit Membership and change your mind, you are entitled to cancel your membership at any time within 14 days from your start date. Just email [email protected] by midnight on day 14. Where you have not used the gym, you will be entitled to a full refund of all joining fees and membership fees paid. Where you have used the gym prior to cancellation, we reserve the right to charge you a reasonable fee for your gym usage during this period.