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Markus Koch

Personal Trainer

  • Gym Confidence for Beginners
  • Fat loss
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Nutrition guidance

Email: herc.fitness@outlook.com  

Phone : 0899605226

Building Confidence

Hi, I’m Markus, your certified HYROX & online coach and personal trainer dedicated to transforming lives across the globe.
With a passion for fitness that’s as personal as it is professional, I craft tailored workout plans that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether it’s powering through a HYROX event or enhancing your daily routine, I’m here to keep you motivated, consistent, and breaking barriers. Together, we’ll push past limits, turning your health goals into achievements.

Let’s embark on this journey to a stronger, more vibrant you.

Feel free to reach out for a FREE consultation or any other questions you may have.


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