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Adam Mohammed

Personal Trainer

  • Rehab
  • Muscle gain
  • Improving fitness

Email : adamcjmwork@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Adam Mohammed.

I work with and provide personal training programs to gym beginners or anyone else who want to build muscle, lose excess fat, build confidence or improve fitness. I aim to help people achieve their fitness goals while teaching them how to navigate the gym and how to safely and efficiently train on their own.

I have achieved a BSc in Sports Health Studies qualifications in Gym Instruction and Personal Training through.

I provide conservative (non-invasive/no surgery involved) rehab programs to those who have suffered from sports-related injuries. I will work alongside other personal trainers in this department, providing rehab programs if their clients are ever injured.

I have been interested in health and fitness since I was young. I played basketball in school growing up, have been active in the gym for a few years and would like to share my passion for health and fitness.

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