We will send you an email containing a Payment Link which you can use to make the outstanding payment.

Your Bank may levy an additional fee for handling a failed payment and, unfortunately, we must pass this on to the Member.  Using the Payment Link, you will have the option to pay your outstanding Monthly Fee plus any additional Bank charges (please note the additional fee, if applied, is not a penalty for your missed payment, the added charge is a fee levied by your Bank).

You log into your MYFLYE account and use the Payment Link to complete the outstanding payment by Credit or Debit Card.  As the payment has not been received on the due date, it will be backdated to the due date as this date is linked to your Membership Start Date.  If you choose not to pay the outstanding amount, your membership will be automatically cancelled.

Please note however, when a membership has been cancelled or allowed lapse, the €25.00 Joining Fee is automatically applied during the re-join process.  This is because the fee is related to the membership as opposed to the individual.