Of course.  To “pause” your Monthly Membership, just log in to your MYFLYE, select the My Account button and then the Pause Membership option.  You can pause a Monthly Membership for €5 per month.  Pausing is immediate and should be done at least 72 hours in advance of your Membership Fee due date, then €5 will deduct Monthly instead of your normal Monthly rate.  The best time to Pause is towards the end of your Payment period as any unused time is not carried forward.

To restart your Membership just log into your MYFLYE, select My Account and then the Resume Membership option.  Your normal monthly fee will be deducted on the date you un-pause / resume your membership and your Gym access will be reinstated immediately.  You will be charged the normal monthly subscription on the date that you un-pause and that date becomes your new Monthly payment date so it’s a good idea to check your dates and see what works best for you.  Pausing is usually most cost effective if Pausing for a Month or longer.

Annual Members – option available to pause via your Manage Membership section of MYFLYE.