FLyefit Dumbbells

Stephen O Callaghan

Personal Trainer

  • Bodyweight/Calisthenics
  • Toning & Building Muscle
  • Weight Loss

Email : steoc.pt@gmail.com

Hi All! My name is Stephen. I am a trainer here at Baggot St. Fitness is a big passion of mine and i would like to spread that passion anyway i can to everyone.

Over the years i have tried many sports and training methods. I now specifically train calisthenics and have been for 3 years. I have a wide knowledge of bodyweight training and weight training. I love having fun within my trainings and will bring that forward to everyone.

If you would like to train with me 1-1 or just chat. Dont be hesitant to contact me through phone or instagram. Even pop up to me if you see me on the gym floor.

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