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Shauna Rahaman

Personal Trainer

  • Female Strength
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes
  • Fun & Supportive Training Environment

Phone: 0858143940

Email rahafitness@gmail.com


Building Confidence

Girls, ready to get stronger together?!

My name is Shauna. I mainly work with women who want to build confidence in the gym, improve body composition & feel good both inside and out. All while getting strong at the same time!

When I started training, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I didn’t know how to lift weights properly. I wasn’t following a training programme. Unaware of how to fuel my body, I kept jumping from one crash diet to another, hoping one would work. I learned the hard way that if it’s not sustainable, it’s not the answer!

You dont have to be restrictive. You CAN live your life & still reach the goals you have in mind. It’s about creating a lifestyle that works for you – making sustainable changes and staying consistent with them.

As a coach I wanna help you achieve all of your strength & aesthetic goals, but most importantly, to maintain them! I want to help you feel healthier & stronger both mentally & physically!

Having someone in your corner to educate you & hold you accountable, whilst giving you support & guidance makes those goals feel 10x more achievable!

Get in touch via email, phone or even say hi to me on the gym floor and we can have a chat!

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