FLyefit Dumbbells

Sean Gally

Personal Trainer

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Fat loss and body composition
  • Motivation

Phone : 0851350944

Email : seang.coaching@gmail.com

Meet Sean


Hi, my name is Sean.

I am a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and group instructor here at Flyefit. Previously I had played a variety of sports in the local area but I have now transitioned my focus to gym based training.

I have endured my own share of injuries, so my goal as a personal trainer is to show people that despite any set backs the gym can be used as a vital tool in rebuilding their bodies and progressing further with their physical and mental health.

I can help you attain a better understanding of how our bodies move and work so that you can live a better healthier life through personalised training plans to help you achieve your goals.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation so we can work together to make you better.


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