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Ryan Farrelly

Personal Trainer

  • Beginner Course
  • Online Coaching
  • Fat loss + Strength + Muscle building

Email : Farrelly_fitness@yahoo.com

I am coaching to help you,Master your technique,Help you to learn and create better eating habits and live a healthier lifestyle.
I will be working on all the basics and building you up to be a knowledgable individual who is confident to come in and train without guidance.

I am here to keep you accountable and moving towards your goals week by week.

🔹Small Pt groups 2-4
🔹1-1 personal training
🔹Beginner Program
🔹Program design
🔹Online Coaching
🔹Meal guides
🔹Rehab plans
🔹Balanced nutrition

Who do I help ?
Beginners who want to lose fat build muscle and look there best ,If you want to master your technique and not get injured.

🔸Interested ?
Go to my Instagram and DM me the word MORE INFO or what’s app me and we can go from there.

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