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Neil Etim


Mobility Training

Weight Management

Strength and Conditioning

Mobile: 0871702135

Email: kanepersonaltraining@gmail.com


Hi guys My name is Neil,
I’m a fitness instructor/personal trainer with EQF Level 4 and CrossFit level 1 certification accredited by REPS Ireland.

I joined FLYEfit Drumcondra in 2019 and have 4 years’ experience working as a trainer, fitness instructor and currently a duty manager. I have developed a good fitness background exploring different sports such as freestyle wrestling, Muay Thai, and rugby.

My understanding and experience in functional fitness/body mechanics provides the necessary tools for me to aid you in your fitness journey and achieving your fitness goals be they; Mobility training, Weight management, Fat loss, Muscle gain, Strength and conditioning, or General improvement in fitness levels across the board, I’m here to help you reach them.

Having and adopting a positive mindset towards training is very important and is something worth adopting in every session. This greatly improves your consistency which is key to any form of training (I definitely adopt this)

Feel free to say Hi or drop me an email to discuss your fitness goals today.
You’ve made it this far already. Let’s make it count!

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