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Aaron O Leary



Meet Aaron

My name is Aaron O’Leary, CEO of AOL Fitness. After years of having a poor body image and not feeling myself and having low confidence I set out with one goal and that was to become someone better. To do this I had to take steps in the right direction to achieve my goal and to become a better person whether they frightened me or not. I lost weight, I gained muscle and I even learned a lot of knowledge in becoming a Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer. After achieving my goal I have now set out on another, and that is to help others achieve their goal of them becoming a better version of themselves and to help them become someone better. To do this I will work closely with each individual whether their goal is weight loss, muscle gain, looking to tone up, or even conditioning work to get your fitness levels up.

I will guide you every step of the way helping you with your training and nutrition. Developing personalised programmes for each individual, plus personalised nutritional information to help you achieve your goals. I will be there to support you through the good and bad times or even if you just need that little bit extra motivation, I will be there to push you that little bit more. So if you are looking to transform yourself, get into shape, or aren’t feeling confident, or not too sure about weight training don’t hesitate to get in contact with me to guide you in the right direction as I love helping people get from A – Z as it’s something I am passionate about.

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