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Marek Demianczyk

Mobile: 0894131040

Email: dosmoka@op.pl

About Marek

Hi, I am Marek.

With 18 years gym experience, certification and qualification in personal fitness and nutrition the opportunity to help you achieve your ambitions and goals is something I look forward to everyday. I cant do your press-ups for you but I will do your press-ups with you and you can do them with me. As your personal trainer I ask you to imagine this . . . see yourself 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year from now.

You want this for yourself because it makes sense. I can make it happen for you. A customised, bespoke, personal training approach that works everytime.

You know what you should do, you know when you should do it .. but !!!!! I will do this with you. You will do it now, I’ll do it with you and I’ll do everything for you I can to get you there.

When will you start…Today is the tomorrow you planned for yesterday…START NOW !!!

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