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Lucy Whitaker

Personal Trainer

  • Training programmes and nutrition advice
  • Muscle growth and fat loss
  • Building confidence in gym beginners

Email: coachlucywhitaker@gmail.com

My name is Lucy Whitaker, and I’m a fully-qualified level 4 personal trainer and nutritional advisor who is fascinated by the human body, science, medicine, and sports: particularly lifting weights, hockey and running.

I’ve played competitive sports all of my life, but I’ve never seen faster or more dramatic improvements in my quality of life – everything from my mental health, sleep, stress to my mood, confidence, mindset and my relationship with my body – than when I started prioritising lifting weights in my training. I’m so in love with the science behind sports and training, and the myriad benefits it gives me both physically and mentally, that I’m deeply passionate about helping other people find joy in moving their bodies, in the way that works for them.

I studied science and spent ten years working in science communication, which means I have a keen bullshit radar and am committed to providing evidence-based, practical advice to the clients I work with – and having a bit of craic along the way! Whatever the goal: you *can* achieve it, and I can help. Through an individualised plan tailored to your unique set of circumstances, I’ll make it crystal clear what you need to do with your training and nutrition to help you build the habits and routines that achieve your goals: from fat loss and muscle growth to sports performance and everything in between. At every step, I will provide you with support, accountability, education, build your confidence, and most importantly, I will get you results.

Don’t let putting off starting stop you! Give me shout and let’s chat about what getting fit means to you.


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