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Kuba Odum


  • Body transformation
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Muscle and strength gain
  • Nutrition

Email: kubaodum@hotmail.com

Phone: 0899440054

Meet Kuba

About Kuba

Hi there, my name is Kuba

I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and I joined Flyefit Drumcondra with the goal to improve myself and those around me, learn from those above me and inspire/motivate and/or transform those who work with me.

For those that I’m able to help I’ll be carefully watching/recording/analysing your training, nutrition and lifestyle so you can achieve new heights for yourself.

My aim being to enable/educate you to the point that you can improve your lifestyle with or without a trainer, consequently provide you with enough confidence so we can grow together as partners because I’ll learn just as much from you as you will from me

Overall It shouldn’t be a transactional relationship, it should be a challenging journey where we both become the people were supposed to be through hard work, its so we can both push past our own perceived limitations and go forward realising that we’re always capable of doing more.

If you’d like to get started lets get your free consultation going or if you have any questions at all feel free to get in contact with me through any of my details.

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