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Keeva Cahill

Personal Trainer

  • Confidence Building
  • Muscle Building
  • Weightloss

Email : Keevacahill1@outlook.com

I was never into sports and never exercised but used to walk a lot which seemed to work until I started an office job and those walks didn’t last very long and weight started piling on and takeaways caught up to me…

I started going to the gym because I didn’t like how I looked and hated taking pictures … but once I learned how to properly fuel my body and put small habits in place I started building a healthier lifestyle and slowly but surely started building confidence that helped every aspect of my life…

I started working harder in the gym and on my mindset and habits until I had completely changed my mindset

None of this happened overnight but with the right guidance and consistency you can do it, and I know you can because I did.

For me being in the gym isn’t about how it makes me look but how much confidence it gave me (but I also managed to completely change how I look)

I want to help people feel good in their bodies because I know how it feels to hate looking in the mirror and having no idea how to fix it

If you want to build up confidence and make a real change feel free to stop me on the gym floor and have a chat or contact me for a free consultation 🙂

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