As part of our return to normal operations, you no longer need to book a Gym Slot on Saturday or Sunday.
Just bring your Access Card and drop over to the Gym.
You can always check in advance how busy the Gym is predicted to be here.
FLyefit Dumbbells


Meet Karl

About Karl

With 10 years training experience and a background in the care industry, I have a sincere passion for helping people.
Through many years of trial, error and education, I have acquired skills that will help optimise your performance within the fitness sphere; whether you are looking to gain muscle, improve strength, lose weight, better your cardiovascular performance… or simply just feel healthier overall; I will be more than happy to help you reach your goal.
I truly believe that fitness translates to all other aspects of individual life, and with the right guidance, anyone can add to a more fulfilling, healthier and potentially longer life. No matter what your fitness goals, I believe I can help you reach them effectively and most importantly, to enjoy the process and embrace the journey!

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