FLyefit Dumbbells

Jamie Grant

Personal Trainer

  • Muscle building
  • Fat Loss
  • Build gym confidence

Email : jamiegrantdubai12@gmail.com

Hey guys I’m Jamie one of the PTs here working at flyefit Sandyford.
I am a competitive bodybuilder myself, but I was not always. I’ve gone through major transformations myself and with clients, so I know what it takes to find success. My approach is to gradually teach you the right habits that we can add into your lifestyle to take you towards your goals, while still having room for pizza and a pint :).
Teaching you that you can keep in all the things you enjoy, and get amazing results is what I’m all about. You will be the strongest you’ve ever been.
We will build your confidence up together, both in the gym and in general, and have you flying in no time. I love to work with individuals with big goals, dream big and achieve big.
Shoot for the moon and if you fall you reach the stars. Let me take you there.

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