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Grahame Banks

Personal Trainer

Mobile: 0857299048

Email: banksgrahame@gmail.com


Meet Grahame

Hi, my name is Grahame Banks.

I have been in the fitness industry, working both as a personal trainer and group instructor for over 8 years.

I have worked with 100’s clients as a personal trainer and thousands through my classes during this time. I totally understand how to work with all different types of lifestyles that my clients live. I have also trained professional athletes in the past. My passion and drive are still the same as when I first stepped into the fitness industry.

I want to improve the level of training to all who train with myself, be it in a class environment or personal training. I specialise in weight loss, hypertrophy training, sports specific, flexibility and mobility as well as nutrition. My qualification’s are, NEFPC EQF Level 3 Fitness & Group Instruction, NEFPC EQF Level 4 Personal Training, NEFPC EQF Level 2 group instruction and NEFPC EQF Level 2 advanced personal training….

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