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George Dunne

  • Fat loss & body composition!
  • Building confidence & fitness lifestyles!
  • Athletic development!

Email: georgedunne07@gmail.com

Mobile: 0857892281

Hey I’m George.

I’m the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach here at Flyefit.

I have a huge coaching background being working in the industry over 10 years. In these years I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds in clients with various different goals and needs.From fat loss journeys to competition prep you name it I’ve coached it.

My approach to fitness is to build a lifestyle around it, no quick fix transformations but an approach that will get you long lasting results through building habits and educating my clients around the What? why? and how? When it comes to training, nutrition and lifestyle behaviors so that when they are happy to move away from me I am Confident I will be the last coach they ever need!

If you have some struggles or don’t know where to start just take that first step and reach out for help and we can book you in for a free consultation and see how I can help.

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