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Daniel O Sullivan

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Email: dosfitness@hotmail.com

About Daniel

I started my personal training journey in 2016. I am delighted and privileged to say that I have helped many people reach there goals since then.

For me personal training is honestly the most rewarding job in the world. At a young age, I learned the hard way that anything is possible in life from experiencing being rock bottom with mental health struggles/ addiction and thankfully with help, coming out the right side of it. Exercise was a major tool in helping me put my life back together. It has always been there as I grew up in Kerry with a football in my hand. Now I use it to help people build confidence and mental resilience.

My goals for my clients are to make sure that they hit their goals. I will ensure that when they leave me they will have a level of self sufficiency & confidence that will allow them program and execute there own workouts some day.

Whether you are a beginner starting out. Whether you are someone who is well trained but has somehow lost there confidence/motivation. I can help you. Hit me up on my Instagram page, email address or WhatsApp in the details below 👇

Please feel free to contact me at anytime and we can arrange a consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve from personal training!

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