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Conor Byrne

Personal Trainer

  • Building Muscle
  • Fat Loss
  • Improving Body Confidence & Discipline

Email : Conor.byrne260@gmail.com

Hi my name is Conor Byrne. I am a personal trainer here at Flyefit Dundrum.

My journey in the gym began when I was 16. When a broken arm sidelined me from playing football I decided to join my local gym to build up some strength. Then after my arm had fully healed up I realised that I was enjoying getting stronger and building muscle more than I was enjoying playing football.

After turning 17 I decided I wanted to try my hand at boxing. I applied my dedication that I had acquired from my training in the gym to boxing. From mainly training by myself I really enjoyed being pushed by my coaches.

I am combining all my experience to help people achieve their goals whether that is to lose weight, build muscle or just to improve their quality of life. So why not start now with sending me a message and we can begin your journey with a free consultation.

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