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Ciara Grazier

Personal Trainer

  • Weightloss
  • Physical Longevity
  • Build strength

Email : grazierciarapt@gmail.com

Hi! My name is Ciara. I am a Personal Trainer with experience working with people in a variety of age groups & fitness levels. I have worked as a PT both here & abroad. I also have a degree in Psychology which is involved a lot in training and mental wellbeing. I also consider myself to be absolutely hilarious and hope to make you smile in every session.

I aim to meet your individual needs in fitness and to help you learn how to better manage your lifestyle & habits, without eliminating all your favourite things! We can keep track of your progress so we can finally get you to some results, instead of all that guessing you may have done before.
I am happy to answer any questions you have about fitness, and I will help you to understand your training, and explain the ‘why’ behind every movement and exercise.

So, whether you want to lose some weight, build some strength, train for your sport, or just simply train for physical longevity, please feel free to contact me by any means and let’s get you booked in for a free consultation! I am waiting for you!

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