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Chloe Preston

Personal Trainer

  • Strength
  • Sustainability
  • Lifestyle Change

Phone: 0879484400

Email: [email protected]


Building Confidence

Hi , my name is Chloe Preston.

I have a EQF level 4 personal trainer cert and a EQF level 3 in fitness and group instruction.
I do 1-1 personal training and also 2-1 personal training.
I’m very passionate about training, particularly powerlifting and am currently a competitive powerlifter. I have great enthusiasm when it comes to training and working with people. I take great pride watching my clients progress session by session both mentally and physically , helping them changing their lives and lifestyle.
My goal is to help you feel comfortable in the gym working with free weights and barbells.

If you would like any more information you can contact me through social Media or email below.


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