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Chloe Preston

Personal Trainer

  • Weight loss and toning
  • Women’s strength
  • Accountability and Confidence in the gym

Phone: 0879484400

Email: Chloeprestoncoaching@gmail.com


Building Confidence

Are you looking to get more confident in the gym?

I’m here to help you feel confident and comfortable in the gym while working towards your goals.
From a newbie in the gym to now powerlifter , I know how nervewrecking the gym can be! I started in the gym just using cardio machines and have now competed in three competitions for powerlifting.

I have great enthusiasm when it comes to training and helping people. I take great pride watching my clients progress both physically and mentally.

I aim to help people get comfortable using free weights and machines in the gym while building a sustainable relationship with the gym and improving body composition and looking at weight loss and toning.

If you are looking to find out more or have any questions , feel free to contact me! ail below.


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