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Charlotte Fulvio

Personal Trainer

  • Fat Loss/Muscle Gain
  • Nutrition & Women’s Health
  • Improved body and mindset

Email : Fulviocharlotte@gmail.com

Meet Charlotte


Hi, I’m Charlotte.
I’m a Duty Manager and personal trainer here and also offer Nutrition & Health Coaching. My journey began at a young age. I’ve played competitive sports all my life, including Hockey, Tennis and Swimming. Despite this, I’ve always struggled with weight, food, body image and general low energy/mood. So, I started studying Nutrition and also became a personal trainer. With this knowledge, I adapted a balanced lifestyle and cured my body and mind from the inside out.
Thanks to my own health & fitness journey, I found a passion for helping others achieve their health, fitness and mindset goals in a fun, achievable and sustainable way. Mental and physical health are so important, which is why I believe in a push-pull system for achieving overall wellbeing, working from the inside out and the outside in. Having a balanced training regime, good food and ways of managing external lifestyle factors, that work for you. It can sound overwhelming but I am here to help and guide you every step of the way, at your own pace!

Once you take those first steps there’ll be no looking back. A little progress each day adds up to big results. If you want to get started on your journey DM/email me or come for a chat after classes or on the gym floor.

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