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Brandon Lee

Personal Trainer

  • Fat Loss
  • Confidence
  • Muscle Gain

Email : brandonlee.pt23@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m a Duty manger and personal trainer here at Flyefit Liffey Valley. I’ve been playing sports most of my life but found my true passion when I started the gym. I became a personal trainer to help people discover there passion for fitness so they can live a happier and healthier life. I beleive the gym is about more than just weightlifting and a good coach should apply this to not only there own training but there clients training as well. My background in fitness includes:

-Resistance Training (weightlifting)


-Calisthenics (Bodyweight training)

-Conditioning and cardio circuits

-Mobility and flexibility training

I welcome clients with minimum to no experience, clients with years of experience and everyone inbetween. My goal is to help you achieve your goals. If your looking to get started follow me on Instagram or come say hi in person. Book in now for your Free assesment.

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