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Ben Freeney

Personal Trainer


Phone: 083 851 5428

Email: benfreeneycoaching@gmail.com

Building Confidence

Hello, my name is Ben.

I’m a personal trainer here in the gym.

I love football and getting stronger to play is why I got into fitness. The main reason for me becoming a trainer is to help other people see and feel the results that I have seen through going to the gym regularly. I believe that everyone should partake in some sort of exercise at least a few times per week, not only because it’s good for the body but it is incredible for the mind and that’s what it’s all about!

I believe that a good coach will not only change and improve your body but your entire lifestyle! My goal as a coach is not only to get you results but to do it without restricting you and helping you to develop sustainable habits in relation to your training, nutrition and recovery!

Please contact me if you want to have a chat or you are interested in booking a FREE consultation for personal training!

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