FROM THE 1st FEB 2014  SEPA Implementation Date:
  1. We will submit your Direct Debit payment to your bank as normal on your payment date however it will take your bank up to 6 business days longer for the 1st DD payment and 3 days longer for subsequent DD payments to be deducted  from your account than pre 1st Feb 2014.
  2. If you wish to change your Direct Debit details, you will now need to use an iban and bic code instead of Sort code and bank account number you can get this infomation from your bank statement or banking online.
  3. We will automatically convert current members bank account to iban and bic codes using the banks conversion programme.
  4. Members who do not hold an Irish Bank account and who hold an european bank account can use their account from their home country as method of payment for monthly Direct debit fees.