When setting up your Membership, you will be asked to pay the initial Join Fee and Membership Fee by either Credit or Debit Card.  The card you nominate for payment will automatically be selected as your “Default” method of payment for any recurring payments.  You can amend this Card in your online Membership Account (MYFLYE) at any stage in the Payment Method tab.  Alternatively, if, following the initial payment, you wish to pay your recurring Monthly payments by Direct Debit, you can add Direct Debit details on the Payment Method tab in MYFLYE.  Just mark the Bank Details as your “Default” Payment Method.  You must have one Default Payment Method listed at all times but you can amend these details at any time.  Membership is self-service, FLYEfit do not intervene in your account.  Any changes you wish to make to your account / Payment Method must be done online in your MYFLYE.