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Sinead White

Personal Trainer

  • BSc (Level 8) Sport science and Health 
  • Weight loss & Hypertophy
  • Evidence-based nutrition talk and personalised plans
  • Pre-and post-natal training (NTC)

Email: [email protected]



Meet Sinead

Did you know that exercising 2-3 times a week significantly decreases stress, anxiety and depression? (Hassmen et al., 2000).
Exercise is medicine!

My name is Sinèad and I am a senior coach here in Macken street. I have been a personal trainer for over six years and love helping people gain a better understanding into training effectively, sustainable nutrition and how to reach goals while enjoying the process.
I train people from a range of different backgrounds so I recognise how important it is to design a plan specific to the needs, abilities and goals of each individual. This is key for achieving success.

Whether this is your first time to step inside a gym or you have been working hard but aren’t seeing the progress you had hoped for, I can help to fill in the gaps and achieve the results you want.

I have a ton of experience in weight loss, advanced training methods (hypertrophy), sport-specific training, rehab and pre-and post-natal training.

There are no magic pills, just hard work and consistency. I will hold you accountable while providing support and in time you will be 100% confident to continue alone, armed with the knowledge you have gained while training with me.

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