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About Sarah

“There’s no one giant step that does it, its a lot of little steps” I work to help my clients get stronger, leaner and achieve their fitness goals. At all times, my focus is on you and helping you to achieve the results you want from your training. That could be to get fit before pre-season, drop a dress size, run a 5k or just feel more confident in your own skin. I am a EQF Level 4 qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, with a national qualification as a kettlebell instructor also. My coaching approach takes your training history and fitness levels into account, to create a customised training programme that is specific to your goals. I believe that your health and fitness journey should improve your life, not take it over. We will work together to help you to better understand your body, and take control of your own nutrition and training in a way that lets you still live your actual life…you’re human after all!!! If you’re new to the gym and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, or your training has simply plateaued and you need some new structure and direction, I’d be happy to sit down for a free no obligation consultation. I have the skills, the motivation and the in-depth knowledge to help you in your fitness journey. What I ask in return is that you stay true to the process and be as passionate and driven towards your goals, as I will always be about helping you to achieve them. Tailored programmes available for, Fat loss & Toning, Strength & Conditioning, Muscle Building (Hypertrophy), Pre & Post Natal, and Booty Building. Send me an email, visit my website: https://www.thehivefitness.com or pop me a DM over on Instagram.

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