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Desiree Sena

Personal Trainer

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weightlifting
  • Lifestyle Coaching

Email : senadesiree@gmail.com

I have been passionate about exercise since I was little. I learned to respect my rythm and condition after a slow 2-year recovery of a surgery: I had to deal with weight gain, and regain physical fitness. So I studied different training methodologies in Uni along with numerous certifications worldwide for over 15 years. Today I implement them in my programs.

As the owner of Haka CrossFit in Brazil, I worked as manager, designed training programs, and organized sports events, including significant championships around the country.

I pioneered online classes, competed in CrossFit and have a passion for weightlifting.

Currently, I focus on pain relief through training, helping people move without discomfort and achieve a healthy physical condition.

I prioritise individualize my clients’ health and understand the importance of aesthetics in self-confidence and maintaining their desired level of physical activity.

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