As part of our return to normal operations, you no longer need to book a Gym Slot on Saturday or Sunday.
Just bring your Access Card and drop over to the Gym.
You can always check in advance how busy the Gym is predicted to be here.
FLyefit Dumbbells

Jay Robinson

Jay Robinson is one of Stillorgans most experienced trainers, has experience working with many different types of clients and can help you work towards achieving your goals.

Jay has an EQF Level 4 personal training qualification along with a Higher Level Certificate in Health and Nutrition.

All of Jay’s nutritional and training programs are tailored/personalized to the individual. He can help you reduce body fat, build muscle, increase your strength, fitness and help to improve your overall quality of life.

After competing in Natural bodybuilding for 3 years, Jay has made some great achievements and has won multiple International and National titles.
All it takes is hard work, determination and consistency.

With Jay’s instructions and attention to detail, he can vastly improve your quality of training. He is a big believer in the balance between a client’s training and their personal time out with friends and family. From experience working with many different types of clients, Jay can help you work towards your individual goals.

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