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Henrique Resende

Personal Trainer

  • Performance Nutrition & Hypertrophy
  • Body Recomposition / Weight loss
  • Lifestyle & Stress Management
  • Overall Physical & Mental Health

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0870938589



You’re about to get out of your comfort zone and you’ll love it!

Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, fitness model, someone that has to be in shape to earn a living or a lawyer, driver, teacher, mother, dad, etc… with my experience, not only in changing/transforming physiques through tailored nutrition and exercises but also mindset and lifestyle through Neuroscience knowledge, we will reach your goals!

I like to inspire people. When people say “thanks to you I’m in the best version of myself” or “because of you I didn’t give up”. These kind of feedback motivates me a lot, they’re priceless!

With that said, feel comfortable to come and talk to me on the gym floor or through one of the contact options below.

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