FLyefit Dumbbells

Edel Cummins

Personal Trainer

  • Movement & Mobility
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Pre/Postnatal Exercise
  • Body Therapy & Massage

Email: [email protected]

Phone : 0876761003


Building Confidence


I’m Edel and I’m one of the head coaches here at FLYEfit.

I specialize in functional movement, mobility, yoga and Pilates.

Coming from a background coaching Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting, I know the importance of building a solid foundation of strength and mobility, along with taking the time to rest and recover properly to avoid injuries.

All of the benefits from training happen during the recovery phase so it’s important to know how to utilize recovery techniques outside of the gym.

As a body therapist I also offer treatments to aid recovery, from holistic massage to cupping therapy.

Feel free to reach out if you feel I can help you 😊

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