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Anna Giatriaki

Personal Trainer

  • Motivation & Self confidence
  • Resistance Plans & Nutritional Advice
  • Flexibility & Handstand drills

Email: [email protected]

Meet Anna

Hey, I’m Anna!

I started my fitness journey the way most people do – to improve my physical physique and “look good”. I started off with extreme cardio sessions on the treadmill at the gym – which I hated and had to force myself through – and I went through a variety of fad diets, depriving myself of much-needed calories and nutrients. In the short term, this made me look “good” and skinny but left me feeling tired, depleted, and as a result, I ended up binge-eating due to the lack of energy and fuel.

A few years later, I finally figured out what works, I feel and look good while continuing to eat the foods I love and have a steady amount of energy throughout the day. I went through my fitness journey the hard way, not knowing anything, but it doesn’t have to be like that for you. I am here to help you find a plan that’s suitable for your needs, which will leave you feeling stronger and looking better than ever (yes, you can still eat donuts!)

Send me a message via email or Instagram so that we can get started with a free consultation

I look forward to talking with you 🙂

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