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Andris Saule

Mobile: 0873897675

Email: [email protected]


Meet Andris

Hi, I’m Andris Saule. I am an internationally qualified, NEFPC accredited, Personal Trainer in FLYEfit Macken St.

I help people move better, feel & look incredible by simplifying training and nutrition methods.

I believe fitness is important not just for what you see in the mirror but it’s a complete game changer for mental well-being too.

I have a passion for teaching my clients about nutrition and how to do this for themselves outside of when they’re training with me in the gym.

If you’re a beginner looking to start your fitness journey, I’ll teach you basics necessary to reach your desired goals. Whether it’s dropping a dress size or gaining some lean muscle I’ve got you covered!!

If you’re sick of feeling tired, having low energy for work/family life and have tired everything but nothing seems to work, get in touch!

If you have a desk job where you’re sitting more than 8h a day… I’ll get you moving better.

If you’re a regular to the gym but you’re stuck at a plateau and can’t seem to progress come talk to me…. we’ll put an amazing plan in place to get you on the road to your best physique…

Come say hello in a class or contact me by any means below.

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