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Andressa Neitzke


  • Bachelor Degree in Physical Education
  • Post Graduated in Weight Loss and Health
  • Beginner friendly and advanced trainees
  • Specialization course in Exercise for Special Groups and Pregnancy

Email: neitzkeandressa@gmail.com

Phone: 083 088 5748

Meet Andressa

I am a person who understands that taking care of health should be pleasurable and not a time of suffering. Former ballerina, I never liked going to gyms but I always knew it was necessary, especially in my career. When I took a break from my dance career, I realized that there is a universe behind the fitness world that could be explored and I fell in love with awakening the best version of each of my clients.

My goals with clients are focused on transforming health and well-being through the planning of individualized training, with special attention to the preferences of each one without losing focus on the objective to be achieved. I have more than 2 years of experience in the fitness market with success stories of students who never liked to exercise and today do not miss a class and that is why they reach their goals more quickly and definitively. I work with weight loss, fitness and hypertrophy, also have experience with training for special groups (diabetics, hypertensive, elderly and pregnant women) with face-to-face and / or online classes and online fitness program.

Did you feel like knowing more? Schedule a class with me! It will be wonderful to have you on the team!

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