As part of our return to normal operations, you no longer need to book a Gym Slot on Saturday or Sunday.
Just bring your Access Card and drop over to the Gym.
You can always check in advance how busy the Gym is predicted to be here.
FLyefit Dumbbells

Aisling Cunningham

  • Weight loss
  • Performance
  • Body composition

tel: 0894737593


Hey, my names Aisling.
I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor. I’m currently doing a BSc in Nutrition and Health sciences.

I’m enthusiastic to share what I have learned to improve your enjoyment and the quality of your training. I believe that achieving health is a journey you will always be on, so you may aswell find an enjoyable path! I aim to help clients implement lifestyle habits to help their fitness and their mental health rather than a “no days off” approach!

If youre interested in a fat loss, building muscle or improving your overall fitness don’t hesitate to contact me! You can drop me either a DM, an email, a text or even come up to me on the gym floor!
Cant wait to hear from you!


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