Heading to the gym and unsure of what to take? Do you opt for an energy drink, pre-workout, coffee or just take nothing at all? More times than not this decision does come down to whichever you prefer, but here is an explanation of each, and I’ll leave the decision up to you then to decide which you prefer.

Let’s look at Coffee first and it’s benefits before working out.

This is the ‘original’ pre workout and energy drink. Coffee has always been the go to whenever one needs the extra energy. And nowadays you can genuinely get coffee in so many different variations, however people tend to opt for plain black with perhaps a sugar free shot.

Coffee has been proven to give you energy, and other benefits also include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced feeling of effort
  • Less training pain
  • Strength and Endurance Increases

Did you know about the above?

Next we’ll look at Energy Drinks before workout – Is this a smart move or flushing money down the drain?

Similar to coffee, energy drinks do contain caffeine, but that’s it. They don’t hold any other benefits, and are loaded with sweeteners, flavourings and sometimes a ton of sugar. Realistically, the only benefit to energy drinks before the gym are that they are simple and easy, and sometimes effective, but are they the best option?

Now let’s look at Pre-workouts, which are intended for the gym. The 3rd in the list because in reality, coffee was the go-to pre-workout, then came energy drinks and then the pre-workouts were introduced to the market.
Pre-workouts claim to maximize energy and power in the gym, and there are some real, effective, solid pre-workouts supplements on the market. And some of these supplements without a doubt give you more of a ‘buzz’ than coffee and sugary energy drinks, that’s for sure.

The pre workout market is huge, and can be divided into 3 fields:

  • Pure Stimulant Based Pre-Workout Supplements
  • Full-Spectrum Highly Effective Pre-Workout Supplements
  • Stimulant Free Pre-Workouts

Giving a rundown of each, high stimulant pre workouts is where it all started. I guess it’s true that there is something about taking a huge dose of energy before lifting some weighs that creates a euphoric feeling that nothing else can match. But is that the reason you’re lifting?

When we look at the Full-Spectrum pre-workout supplements, most can be found in the Top 10 best pre workout energy drinks. And most of these also have performance enhancing ingredients like BCAA, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate and more, all which are real-world clinically tested proper dosages. When taken, these pre-workouts are amazing, they deliver energy, focus, power, endurance and results.

The stimulant free pre-workouts contain the non-stimulant performance enhancers, and many people opt for these as they don’t interfere with sleep, allow more of a workout pump and don’t dehydrate you as quickly as caffeine supplements do.
So which is better? Pre-Workout V Coffee V Energy Drinks?
Each option offers something different and a different benefit. Science claims that pre-workouts are the best option, but personally I opt for Coffee and BCAA’s. It’s all down to preference – so ill let you decide.