Yes, Personal Training is available at all FLYEfit Gyms and is outsourced to Independent Personal Trainers who operate on a self-employed basis.  Their contact details and qualifications can be found on the Personal Training section on the website (you can search by Gym Location) or on the notice board in the Gym.  They offer one to one Personal Training to FLYEfit members only and each trainer has their own Individual Price List, so it is best to select your preferred Trainer off the website and contact them directly for their fees and availability etc.

ALL PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE SELF EMPLOYED – Only Personal Trainers who hold a Personal Training Agreement with FLYEfit can train their clients (who must be FLYEfit Members) in our Gyms.

If you require the services of a Personal Trainer, the agreement you put in place will be between you and the Personal trainer.  FLYEfit is not responsible for, nor benefits from, any Transaction between you and the Personal Trainer. Each Personal Trainer operates under a personal training agreement and are fully aware of their responsibilities to the client.

As a personal training client, please be aware of your consumer rights.

  • You are entitled to a fully qualified Personal Trainer that abides by all laws.
  • Your Personal Trainer must be registered as self-employed.
  • Your Personal trainer must be fully tax compliant.
  • You must be provided with a receipt for all payments.
  • You have a right to receive a refund from the Personal Trainer if the Personal Trainer does not / cannot provide the number of sessions you have signed up to.