No, rather than a Membership Card, during the online Membership Application, you will be asked to nominate a Card that you will use as your Gym Access Card.  This Card does not have to be the same Card that has been used for payment.  For your Gym Access Card, our systems accept nearly any card with a black magnetic strip and at least 10 digits (the last 10 digits only of your card is required for the access card). You can use Dunnes Stores Gift cards, Tesco Club Cards, One4All gift cards, Dundrum cards and store loyalty cards, Costa Coffee, Nandos Cards for access to name but a few.

*You must have your gym access card with you at all times, to enter the gym. 

You must not allow anyone else to use your Gym Access Card.  To protect our members’ interests and safety, entrances to our gyms are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Any members found flouting this rule will have their membership cancelled.