Whilst we do not offer or advertise a fixed, one-month, Membership Term. we do offer a rolling Monthly Membership with no contract where members have full control over their own Membership. Members can make changes to their Membership details and change / cancel their membership at any time. So, if only joining for One Month, please ensure you cancel the Membership, online, prior to the automated renewal for the second Month. As we are a self-service system and you are in control of your own membership, you will be able to log in to MYFLYE / Manage and choose Cancel Membership. There are important messages for the Member during the Cancellation process which you will need to be aware of, so it is best that the Member cancels their own Membership. Please note, your membership is not cancelled until you have followed all the steps, including the comments section, and have received a confirmation email.

Please allow 72 hours before your payment due date. You may inform your bank if you wish although this is not necessary. It can take a period of time before your bank writes to inform FLYEfit of your wish to cancel, therefore you must still cancel in your MYFLYE to ensure your account and payments are cancelled immediately.